My Zpaghetti netbook cover

Last week I bought a little netbook. For people who want to know the specifics: a Packard Bell Dot S 785 with a 10.1″ screen. It’s looking quite nice and I’d like to keep it that way. The sleeves in the shop where a kind of dull so I decided to make one myself.

Did I stop myself first to think about all my current projects? No, of course not! So I went and bought myself some fabric yarn called Zpaghetti, some lining fabrics and a zipper.

Now, I have cast on and knitted a few rows while coming to my senses.  Before I can start on the lining I have to clean up the attic so I can get to my sewingmachine. Then I have to find time to actually do what I planned.  Wich seems impossible these few weeks.  Think I have to learn to be patient. And in the meanwhile be careful with my netbook.

To end with a positive note. The knitted part looks really nice. Lovely spring colors while the weather is kind of grey and dull. It makes me smile 😀


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