Mothersday ruffle scarf

Mom and I went shopping. While buying jarn voor my ravelry queue my mom found some ruffle yarn. I’ve knitted some scrafs with different kinds of ruffle yarn before. I don’t particularly like the way they knitt but on the other hand is an easy, no-counting-while-watching-movies-project. My first ruffle scarf was with Katia Ondas. After that I found myself bringing home Katia Triana lux.  When I thought I was done with the ruffle yarn I got some Zettl Sanibel. Not wanting to make another scarf I used it to make a ruffle bag. Now my mom fell in love with ruffles! I couldn’t say  no so mom choose Tango by Lammy Yarns and had a little mothersdaygift.

The other ruffle yarns I used allowed a sort of free knitting. It didn’t really matter all that much wich loop I knitted. This yarn has pre-made loops and you have to knit them all. I should have made a picture before I started to make it more clear. It looks like some 23-rings ringbinder paper. This was really the best picture I could find. It didn’t take long to finish it and I like to say this was definitely my last ruffle yarn but who knows…


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