A small project

Black and white jarsI’ve forbidden myself to go to the yarnshops until some off my stash has been downsized. I’m a little bit a horder when it comes to crafting supplies but this is the end! I’m drawing the line! No more storage bins that keep taking more space. No more purchases because I might want to use it ‘someday’. No more spending money on projects I want to start ‘someday’. I can only spend money on items that will finish projects I allready have most off the supplies for.

I know I can”t be the only one with this problem so here is a little stash buster. From leftovers I made some jar covers to keep my brushes and small knitting needles neatly organised. It’s the same Zpaghetti I used for my classic bag.

Knitted on large needles it’s a quick project and the end result looks really neat on my desk. It took a while to empty the jars so if you want to finish really fast: be smarter than me an choose jars that are allready empty!

For more info check my projectpage on Ravelry.

Looking forward to finish more of my WIP’s and decluttering!


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