My christmas vacation cowl

First I have a confession to make. I’ve been weak. Instead of knitting from my stash like I ordered myself I bought new yarn.

How did it happen? My friends and I planned a trip to Paris and Disneyland between christmas and new year wich I’m really looking forward to. Anticipating snow and cold weather I needed a new wintercoat. Not the nice wool one I have now. Luckily I found my new coat soon. But now I really wanted to knit a matching cowl and hat. And maybe some gloves. Nothing in my stash fit the picture I had in my head. So I caved. I bought some really soft Katia Hechizo in a really nice color grey. It’s soft and sparkly. Perfect for the holiday season! It was love at first feel. I bought eight skins and I’ve already started the cowl up to the second skein.

So I’ve added another rule. If I buy some new yarn I need to start knitting with it right away and it has to be done in a month. Otherwise it just ends up on the pile of WIP’s. Those WIP’s don’t need that much finishing but somehow I never get around to do it.

Want to keep up with my progress? Will I finish in time? Keep an eye on my Ravelry project-page.


2 thoughts on “My christmas vacation cowl

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