Yarn diet

Marilyn knittsLast year I planned to have much less stash by new year. Unfortunately I have to say it didn’t work out as planned. I tend to fell in love with yarn and/or a project that comes to mind. Than I buy to much yarn to make sure it’s enough, ending up with lots of leftovers. Combine that with to little time to knit and finish projects. Result: my ‘craftroom’ is cluthered with boxes of yarn and WIP’s*.

Because I didn’t achieve last year’s goal of destashing I have to set a new goal.
Each month I have to knit more yarn than I buy. So if my knitting falls behind I cannot buy yarn. It sounds simple and should work. But now I’m experiencing an unexpected side-effect: every free moment at the office I find myself ‘shopping’ at Ravelry. It’s like being on a food diet and only thinking of the really good rich chocolate you may not eat. Really frustrating!
I hear you thinking: DON’T go to Ravelry. But since I can’t knit in the office I can fill my queue with projects I want to make with my stash. Maybe I’m an addict?! I have to learn to control myself!
According to my ravelry-stash-count I had 17.212,6 meters yarn on 1 january 2013. I’ve just finished my first project of 2013. Looking forward to see the count of 1 february.

* WIP= Work in progress.


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