Springsteen painting

2013-07-31 16.03.54When I was a teenager my mom and dad had two major rules about going out. One rule was don’t get wasted. That was never a problem. The second rule was don’t come home alone. Wmy dad didn’t need to pick me up, he was watching tv until I was brought home by some other parent or later by my boyfriend.
One of these nights I came home while my dad watched a concert of Bruce Springsteen. That was the first time I saw the boss play on stage. More than a decade later I saw Bruce and the E street band at Pinkpop, Landgraaf. It was amazing! So when the tickets for 22 june 2013 came for sale I logged on my computer and kept clicking for more then an hour but now I’m the proud owner of the wanted tickets. And I get to take my dad and brother with me. Enough inspiration to make a simple painting.
I just bought a simple blank canvas size 30×40 cm. For the background I used some left over blue acrylic paint. While waiting for the paint to dry I googled for some suited pictures. You can use a program like photoshop to make a picture into pop art. In this case I took a short cut by finding a great pop-art image.  The easiest way to draw the image on the canvas is by projecting it. Unfortunately I don’t have a projecter or beamer so I have to do it the old fashioned way. I printed the image in the right size and cut out the space I wanted to paint white. Another way to take over the image is using a grid. I sketched the lines and filled them up with white acrylic paint. The white needed a second coat to become really crispy white. This way of painting is really easy but the effect is quite nice.


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