90 days coldsheeping

cs90days_mediumHonestly, it’s getting easier. Coldsheeping for me is all about changing my mindset. I do think about buying yarn at least once a week but then I look at my stash. If that doesn’t convince me I only have to take a look at my queue. Some projects are waiting for ever to get started. Buying new yarn will stop the destashing progress I’m making. That kicks me back in reality.

Added bonus is that coldsheeping in yarn made me think about my spending in general. Besides yarn there’s a box of buttons, a box of beads, a box of ribbons and so on. Not only did I think buying yarn would magically create knitting time. That thought went with all my crafting supplies!

It’s harder to part from my other crafting supplies. Most of the yarn gifted was yarn I bought when I started knitting, mostly cheaper acrylics or colors I liked but didn’t go with the colors in my wardrobe. I really like my crafting supplies so destashing in the other crafts isn’t happening at the moment. But coldsheeping has the side effect I didn’t buy crafting supplies!

To make my destashing progress visible:

Grafic destash


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