First time dyeing yarn

Now I’m coldsheeping I want to make the most out of my stash, To bad lots of it was impulsive buying. For example I have some white Schachenmayr nomotta Boston bought during a closing sale. When I bought it I planned on making legwarmers. Before casting on I decided that making white legwarmers wasn’t sensible. So the skeins ended up hibernating in my stash for years.

In 2011 some of it made it into a teddy bear and a e-reader cozy. But there kept some lurking in my stash.


After reading a lot about dyeing yarn with foodcoloring I decided to give it a try. I used Wilton’s before so I knew I could find that local. (With my niece I made a load of cupcakes for her little daughter.) Because this yarn is only 30% wool, 70 % acrylic I knew the result would be different from the 100% wool examples I found but I have to do with my stash since I don’t want to fall of the sheep for an experiment.

For my experiment I mostly followed a tutorial by Star. More great information can be found on

I decided to knit a blank and paint the color on the yarn, instead of putting the yarn in a color bath. That way I could use multiple colors: Wilton’s sky blue and black.
After knitting the blank (150 gram) soaked in 4 liter water with 200 ml vinegar for 30 minutes. After that I placed the blank flat onto plastic wrap. Then I dissolved the coloring gel into water and painted the yarn with foam brushes. I started with light blue and kept adding gel to make it darker so i ended up with three shades of blue. I put a layer of plastic wrap over the blank, then rolled it up and put it in a oventray. Put in in the microwave for two minutes and let it cool.

Impatient as I am, I rinsed all the grey/black out of the yarn. I decided to paint the black again. I used a water/vinegar-mix (500 ml/50 ml) to dissolve the black paste and again painted with a foambrush.
After wrapping in plastic I put it back in the glass dish with top in the microwave for 2 minutes, followed by resting/cooling for 5 minutes. I repeated this to a total of 5 times.

When it cooled I rinsed and this time only a bit of the grey came off. I like the colors and plan on knitting a cowl on big needles with it but first it has to dry.


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