Yarn shopping in Greece

While on holiday  in Greece a few years ago, I ran into a cute little shop  stuffed with fabrics, ribbons, buttons, sewing material, needles and … yarn! Stocked to the roof with beautiful treasures. Ran by slightly older lady’s with a love for the art of creating. A place to spend a whole day just loving all the different colors and textures. Till this day I regret not making pictures.  They would have looked great framed in the knitting corner I want to create. Anyway, I ended up buying wool for a warm winter scarf which I knitted in the bar of my hotel. I also bought some Sirdar duet. I didn’t know what it was going to be. So after my vacation it went into my stash where it stayed for years.

Now I’m coldsheeping it’s time to make something with this lovely yarn. I decided to make a summer scarf with the favorite scarf ever pattern. I just love my summer scarf out of Schoppel-wolle made with this pattern.  I made it a bit wider so I can use it as sort of a stola with my party dresses. Just for those summer days it’s to warm for a coat but it might get a bit chilly in the evening. Added bonus is that the wrap always will remind me of that lovely store and a great vacation.


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