Frogging fase

Lately I seem to be frogging….. a lot! So far I’ve knitted a scarf I didn’t like, a hat halfway before I realised there wasn’t enough yarn to finish, a clutch that would be to small to carry the things it needs to carry, more than half a scarf that needed to be wider. All this double or even triple knitting the same meters doesn’t help me with my destashing.

So far I’ve been able to end each month with less stash than I started that month. So there is progress. But today I’m a bit fed up because my efforts don’t pay off as much as I think they should. To add,  there have been lots of days where the weather was to hot to knit. I really hoped to end the summer with a stash under 10.000 meters. Reknitting doesn’t help in achieving that goal. To end with something positive: I enjoy knitting my different WIP’s and I didn’t buy yarn for over 5 months.  And although it isn’t going fast…I will get there! Ok, I’ll stop complaining.

Grafic destash


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