Free pattern of a square clutch

Part of the Summer Sizzle Stashdown was knitting a hat. I started to knit the Edith Piaf but after knitting about 50% I realised I would never have enough yards to finish the hat. Too bad because I was pushing myself past the 2×2 rib stage. Well, then I thought it would make a nice bag. But with asymmetrical rib I couldn’t just sew it together. So frogged (I seem to be doing that a lot this summer) and started over to make a symmetrical rib that turns into a cute clutch.

Here are my notes so you can make your own.  It’s my first attempt to write a pattern so be kind. All comments are welcome.

I used Katia Hechizo, an aran weight yarn on US 3 needles. Finished measurements: 16 x 16 cm. Use any yarn you like. Just add more (or less) stitches to obtain the size you’d like.

A clutch is usually a rectangle shaped bag to hold only the essential things in life, keys, money and maybe your phone. Mine is obviously square. To make a rectangle shaped clutch add any multiple off 4 stitches to the cast on.

Cast on 52 stitches.
k1 * k2,p2 * k3
P1 * p2,k2 * p3
Repeat between * until last three stitches. Knit this rib pattern for about 42 cm.

Knit the following two rows to make the ribbing come together. Starting with the first row on the wrong side of the work:

P1 * p2, k2tog * p3
k1 * k2, p1* k3

Then there is one simple row: p2tog * p2tog, p1* p2tog

The next one might be a bit tricky to follow but it gives the clutch those round corners I like.
Knit the first three stitches as followed: k2tog put back on left needle, k2tog put back on left needle. Then: k till last 2 stitches. K2tog, put first stitch on right needle back on left needle, k2tog.

Now you’re ready to bind off. I folded the edge to the back to get a nice rounded finish.

Sew sides together using the matrass stitch.

Make a 3 stitch i-cord in the length that matches the button you choose.

Make a 4 stitch I-cord when you like your bag to have a handle. It’s optional. I made mine 36 cm.


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