Summer challenge: Summer Sizzle Stashdown part 2

I didn’t think I could make so many projects during summer. Although I double dipped I’m pretty happy with the total yardage used thanks to this challenge. It made me shop my stash and kept motivating this slow knitter to knit more. In addition to part 1 which I posted last month here’s part 2 of the challenge. Pictures can be found here.

Fireworks: make something with beads or sparkles. I’m still planning to make a dangle for my beautiful blue handbag. Instead I made a grey clutch out of stash yarn.

Weeding: give away or donate one item (does not need to be knitting related). In addition I gave away a bag of paint and a number of beads. 

Beach: make a bag or something else you might carry to the beach. As I have no beach nearby I’m going to finish a bag that in theory could go to the beach but in the real life probably never will. The bag is basically finished. But I’d like to make some embellishments for it. Just have to think about the definitive style. So the bag is done, embellishments are waiting.

Sunburn: make a hat. Started Edith Piaf but this ended frogged because I would run out of yarn. Instead made a bag with that yarn and achieved “fireworks”. In the last week I knitted the Bones’ hat from my queue.

Summer vacation: make something for a baby or a child. /Lemonade: make something yellow./ Walking barefoot in the grass: make a pair of socks or slippers. I didn’t plan to keep this last one. Although I might attempt to make some felted slippers someday. I just had to make Saartjes booties. They are so cute. Pretty happy with the result

Swimming: make something blue or green. So far there is one bag finished, and a cowl on the needles. Besides knitting I painted a flower pot.

Summer reading: read 1 book. My e-reader is fully loaded so this isn’t going to be a problem. First book I finished was Matthew Quirk’s “500”.

Bonfires: make something out of the warmest yarn you have. This cute felted bag qualifies.


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