6 months coldsheeping

cs6mnths_mediumSix months already. I started in march with the best intentions.  Not knowing how coldsheeping would effect my spending habits. Just wanting to get my stash under control because it started to threaten to take over the space in my home. I just had to do something and keep buying yarn wasn’t it.

After six months I think I know the reasons I bought all this yarn. First problem is that I tend to get inspiration really bad. There is nothing more rewarding for me in that fase than to start a new project  right away. To bad that I didn’t had the time to really start. So usually I bought the yarn, added notes and patterns and maybe started for the first two hours of the project. Life got in the way, the projects ended up hibernating and sadly they didn’t keep me from buying more yarn in the next start-it-now-attack. Truly believing buying yarn would somehow magically buy me time to actually knit. Ad to that my impulse buying. All those single skeins left, bright, not coordinating colors, not enough to make the projects I now would like to start.

Not buying yarn makes me think before I buy in almost every aspect of my spending live. I didn’t spend much on crafting supplies because I wanted to be able to make it right after buying. If that isn’t possible, I don’t buy it but keep it on some sort of wishlist. When the moment arrives to begin it’s soon enough to hit the stores.

Nowadays I can say I’m moving slowly trough my stash. Finishing ufo’s and starting new projects to learn new technics. Most of my stash is loved yarn. Some of it is liked but for now it’s enough to knit trough my queue.


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