Painted wavy plantpot

2013-08-07 17.32.44After a few years I got bored with this black plantpot. Having outlived several plants It didn’t fit the decor anymore. So, with nothing to lose, I painted some sort of waves in blue, white and grey so it fits perfectly on my desk. My inspiration came from a blog post about painting a lamp.  Completely different but also pretty much alike.

The paint I used  is Tales Decorfin universal satin in colors 122 broken white, 528 soft blue and 742 stone grey.

2013-09-23 13.59.38

First I made sure the surface was perfectly clean with white spirit, then I painted the waves color by color. It looked nice but for a more finished look I choose to line the waves with the contrast color. The combination of three colors is perfect for my workspace but more colors to match your taste can give you a completely different result.

I’m happy with this cool storage space for birthday cards and other mail waiting for a walk to the postoffice.

2013-09-23 14


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