Once upon a mystery cowl

During my “It’s my birthday” shopping spree I bought some Drops delight. Seeing all those lovely projects on Ravelry made me really itching to start knitting with this colorful yarn. After knitting a few loop cowls I just had to start one inspired by Drops balade. This darker grey alpaca is really soft and it makes the colors pop out even more.

On the same day I started this cowl I discovered a new serie: ‘Once upon a time’. Why haven’t I seen it before? I’m not a fan of fantasy in general. The whole ‘lord of the rings’-hype didn’t catch me. Twilight was okay but not addictive. But fairy tales make me happy. As a little child my mother used to tell me bedtime stories. When I grew older I fell in love with the disney versions (I still love them, can’t help it). Later I found a book with tales written by the brothers Grimm. Hundreds of pages with wisdom, magic, happy endings but also surprisingly many not so happy endings. Back to the show. ‘Once upon a time’ has a unique way that combines lots of fairy tales and their caracters with a modern and new twist. And since I have to catch up with two seasons I spent my lazy sunday afternoons knitting this cowl with almost magical colorchanging yarn. Just sneak preview of the progress until now:


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