Time for some numbers

Last year I started with my yarn diet. Although I did buy some yarn in 2013, overall I destashed more than I dared to hope. As for coldsheeping, it really helped a lot to keep me focused. I stayed on the sheep  for 7 months and one week. I jumped back on until the Drops alpaca sale in december. I ordered some yarn that probably will arrive this month.

My stash now fits in the place it’s supposed to be. I still has to size down so it’ll fit the WIP’s* also. So this year I’ll keep tracking progress in achieving that goal.

Because I like seeing the facts:

Grafisch destashen 2013


To get a clear start for 2014 I have:

  • 14 WIP’s*,
  • 5 projects in deep hibernation,
  • 59 stash entry’s in Ravelry,
  • 11.399,1 meters or 12.466,6 yards,
  • some yards still on their way to me (3.211,60 meters to be honest).

Let’s see If I can get those numbers down this year.

* WIP means work in progress.


5 thoughts on “Time for some numbers

    • I made mine with excel, really easy once figured out. Making it count stopped my impulsive buying of single skeins. Compared to others I haven’t got that much yarn but I started to feel overwhelmed and that’s never a good thing when it comes to a hobby.

      • I know what you mean, I am terrible for buying single skeins, they look so pretty but you are limited as to what you can make with them. I have made a vow this year not to impulse buy, let’s see how long that lasts!

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