Interchangeable needles

When I started knitting I bought needles in the size I’d need for the project of that moment. Because I didn’t know about yarn and needles I bought cheap acrylic and aluminum needles. They worked fine and the assortment in my storage/vase kept growing. So did the assortment circular needles and what a mess did that become. Despite the tangled mess I started knitting more and more with the circulars. A few years ago my grandmother died and being the only active knitter in the family I inherited all her supplies. So I tried knitting on metal straight needles. I really liked the feel of the smooth needles. Reading Ravelry made me more aware of the different kind of needles and brands. So after reading a lot of reviews, a bit overwhelming, I took a dive and ordered a set KnitPro’s Nova metal interchangeable needles that came with a super handy ring binder. I’ve been almost exclusively knitting with my KnitPro’s since the day they arrived.

Recently I came across reviews of the DyakCraft needles. I took a look at the site and wow, they are gorgeous! I’ve one pair of wooden needles and was thinking about ordering a set of wooden interchangeable’s to go with my nova metal set. Although it would have been more sensible to order tips to go with the cables I already have, I kept thinking about the DyakCraft. Those wonderful natural wood colors. So just before Christmas I decided to give myself a present and ordered a set interchangeable’s.  Waiting time is up to more than six months. When time flies by as fast as last year I’ll have them in a hurry!

Edit: I received the DyakCraft needles. Read about them in this post.


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