WIP: Coco bag

As I mentioned before I’ve to much WIP’s lingering around. One of these is the cabled clutch inspired by Coco Chanel.

I started this bag in june 2010. Because every other row is a cable row it didn’t knit as fast as a regular cabled project. So it ended up hibernating in my knitting bag.

2012: I came across this project and didn’t like it anymore. There were two choices. Keep knitting and ending up with a really small bag, the size of a wallet. Or start over with slightly bigger needles. Other projects had more appeal so it ended hibernating in my knitting bag.

Dec. 2013: Frogged and started over with US 10 – 6 mm needles. After a couple rows I discovered the multiple mentioned error wasn’t fixed in the .pdf I printed that day. Big sigh and again I put this WIP away.

Jan. 2014: Started over…yet again. The pattern is quite easy. And after so many attempts I did learn to read my knitting very well. It’s knitting up quite easily. I’ve bought a plastic grid to shape the clutch. The lining will be knitted also so I’ve confidence in the stashyarn count on 1 february.


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