Blocking my lightwaves shawl

In November I finished my first lightwaves shawl. I really love this pattern, especially in this Kauni yarn. It’s my first project knitted with Kauni 8/2 effect yarn. This colour way, EQ rainbow, has these lovely bright and vibrant colours. Knitting with it is kind of an addiction. I just kept wanting to see the next colour change. The first part in Rowan baby alpaca dk gives a beautiful contrast with the Kauni colors. The alpaca is so soft. A great yarn to knit. To bad I can’t find it nearby. But maybe it’s for the best, not to get in touch with such lovelies.

The pattern is very clear. Tons of information about alterations and possibilities to adjust the pattern to your own taste and yarn. Thumbs up for the designer: Susan Ashcroft.

The knitted shawl ended up a bit small. Just according to the sizing given in the pattern but I’ve never had a shawl in this size so maybe I just have to start using it to appreciate the size. As you can see in the first picture, the edges are a bit curled up. I hope it isn’t a problem that can’t be solved with blocking. In the past I’ve blocked a lacy scarf out of sock yarn after soaking in water.  But I’ve never blocked something made of wool. The alpaca is really soft but the Kauni is a bit scratchy. After reading a bit on Ravelry I decided to buy some Eucalan. My (not so) local yarn store didn’t have the neutral one so I choose the eucalyptus. I was afraid it would smell heavily but the fragrant is really light and fresh. Nothing to complain about. All I needed was something to block on so I went to a toy store and bought some foam puzzle pieces.

After lunch I soaked the shawl for about 20 minutes, gave it a gentle squeeze and started pinning.

So now I’ve pinned it all down. Didn’t dare to stretch the yarn very hard. Now I just have to be patient and wait for the yarn to dry.

ETA: After posting this I saw the asymmetric lines and adjusted the right side to match the left side.


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