Learning entrelac in the round

Entrelac knitting is something I wanted to learn for a long time but somehow I never got to it. It seemed to complicated. Since I really like the entrelac projects other people make I decided to give it a go. Thanks to many sources on the internet I learned the principle of knitting entrelac. I found a great but incomplete tutorial on this blog. I ended up with a bit of freestyle knitting. Some of my notes are  on my Ravelry project page but I doubt them to be very helpful.

Once you get the hang of it entrelac is a fun way to knit with different colors. Also a great way to use the partial skeins and leftovers after finishing a project. I made this small clutch with some of my deep stash.


The base is a small clutch I got for free with cosmetics I bought. The color didn’t combine with anything I own and honestly it looked a bit cheap. It almost ended up in the trashcan until inspiration struck. I decided to knit a  entrelac cover.

It took a few attempts to find the right amount of stitches to cast on but after that it was  a fast knit. I ended with an incomplete row of rectangles and didn’t make triangles. That way I could join the ends invisible to fit around the clutch. This may sound a bit cryptic but I hope entrelac knitters understand what I mean. I should have made some pictures but sadly I didn’t. After seaming I glued the cover to the bag.

I used up some of my deepest stash, learned a new technique and ended up with a cute little clutch. So I’m happy with the result. Definitely not my last entrelac project.


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