My sparkle bellezza hat

As said before, I’ve trouble resisting those one skein wonders. That’s why my stash contains so much single skeins. Usually I fall in love with a color and just have to have it. Not knowing what to make with it makes it long-term-stash. For a long time it seemed that this Adriafil Venezia yarn would follow this long dark road to the bottom of my stash.

One day I decided to link my stash to projects. I haven’t planned all my stash but a substantial part of my stash is now linked to a project and has a place in my queue. This planning led me to make a hat out of this yarn. It turned out great if I say so myself. The yarn gives the hat a great texture.

Bellezza hat veneziaI really love the pattern: Bellezza by Maria Parrish. It’s well written, not to simple though it knits up surprisingly fast.  Because of the yarnchoice my hat doesn’t have the drape one would get with softer yarn. I don’t mind that because I also like the beanie style. I probably will plan a beret version once my queue needs to filled again.


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