Bear for Kirsten

Last week I spend a lovely day with my niece and her two children. Her daughter Kirsten is now five and a half. When my niece told me she was pregnant with her first child I decided to knit my first toy to give the baby as a ‘welcome to the world present’. This bear still has a special place in Kirsten’s bookcase.Knitted with the softest fuzzy yarn I could find, Schachenmayr nomotta Cassiopeia. Soft and fun to knit with. Sometimes a bit hard to read the stitches but also forgiving for little mistakes.

The knitting part of my first toy went very fast. I just got some anxiety towards assembling the parts. I was afraid it wouldn’t come out just right. Luckily the fuzzy yarn was quite forgiving. After completing a small part I felt secure enough I could do it right!

Because the bear would be living with a baby I didn’t trust security eyes and embroidered the eyes and nose. The first eye came out easily. Making the second one look like the first one was a bit tricky but I think they came out beautifully.

I remember the moment I gave the present very well. The new parents loved it thinking it was a store bought bear. When they realized I made it myself it became an instant heirloom.

The pattern is from Laura Hopwood. Once upon a time publicized on and luckily saved to my computer before the website was taken offline. I’ve searched but haven’t found another online version. Don’t know how to contact the designer so I can’t legally put it online for you. To bad because it’s a well written pattern.



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