My DyakCraft needles arrived!

After waiting patiently for 7 months and 3 days my order has arrived! To be precise my DyakCaft darn pretty wood 5″ interchangeable set. I choose the 4-10.5 set in the color chestnut. I’d like to tell something about my first impression.

For safekeeping the set is delivered with a needle roll. Mine came in a really nice color purple. I love colors so points for that. I’m not a trained seamstress. If I had to make a needle roll the result will not be as nice as this one. Probably I only need to make hours behind the machine to practice the craft but I rather knit so the sewing machine rarely get’s a place on my desk.  Let’s not get sidetracked from the topic. The roll is good for what it’s meant to do: keep my set together and organised.


Time to open the roll.2014-07-23 11.22.46

I can’t say anything but instant love. I’m glad the color in real life is even more beautiful than can be seen on a screen. Warm, natural wood, I love it. That’s what I was hoping for when I choose for chestnut instead of all the different colors. A close up for a better view:

2014-07-23 11.22.52The wooden tips feel smooth and not slippery. Screwing the tip on the cable is very easy. No tools needed. The join is smoother than the join of my KnitPro Nova metal interchangeable set. I also like the fact that the cable isn’t fixed in the metal piece. The swivel feature is one I think I’m going to like very much. My nova’s are fixed and tend to twist when I’m knitting for a longer time without interruptions causing tension on the cable. Maybe I’ll write more about that when I’ve tested them thoroughly.

The best way to celebrate my new needles is to cast on a new project. Although there are  enough WIP’s I want to finish, I decided to cast on something from my queue. The Magrathea shawl in Drops Baby Alpaca Silk by Garnstudio. My first charted lace pattern so probably enough to talk about in another post.


3 thoughts on “My DyakCraft needles arrived!

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