Knittingbag 2.0

In 2008 I knitted my own knitting bag to keep my WIP’s together instead of lingering all over the place in plastic bags. Although the bag is big enough it didn’t turn out to be the keeper of all the projects because there are just to many of them. Now it still keeps a few projects I like working on at this moment.

I found this free Lionbrand pattern which was easy to follow. For the most part just seed stitch. The texture of seed stitch makes it more interesting than simple stockinette would have done.  The yarn is bulky HWS Markoma ambiance solid that knits up fast.

Finding the fabric for the lining took a trip to a few stores but I did find a sturdy fabric to match the knitted bag. Sewing the lining was time consuming. I have to practice more. The results aren’t that bad but I’m such a slow sewer, it took forever to finish. The zipper is splittable so the bag can be zipped with the handles close together. That way the sides are shaped like a triangular. But I also made a piece of fabric with the same splittable zipper. Zipped with that extra piece the sides are shaped like a rectangular, almost doubling the space. So my bag can grow with it’s content. Very handy!

The lining is hand stitched in the knitted bag but before that I put in a hard plastic bottom and I attached bag feet to protect the bottom of the bag. Finding bag feet seems to be impossible in my area so I ordered them in this Etsy shop.










This year I decided to add a splash of color on the outside of the bag. These pinwheel flowers are easy and fun to knit. The pattern can be downloaded for free from Ravelry. In my stash I found enough beads to make the flowers look more finished. A little pearl bead as flowerheart surrounded by a string of little beads. The yarn also came out of my stash, a few meters acryl gone. So all in all I used some stuff I had for ages, gave my bag a make-over and the end result makes me smile.



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