Winter Challenge 2014-2015

After years of thinking about it I’m finally going to do it. In February I’m traveling to the north of Norway! Can’t wait to walk in the snow, feel the winter, see reindeers but most of all see the northern lights. It’s funny how things sometimes come together. Just when I came to a point in my life where I decided I’d rather travel alone than not at all, my brother and two of our close friends wanted to come with me.

But with all that cold in mind I need to start knitting so I’ve given my self a….Winter Challenge.

Winter challenge

I’m planning to knit at least the following list before this trip:

– a hat and neckwarmer

– a hat and cowl

a hat for my brother

– two hats to match cowls I’ve made before. (1 & 2)

All of this is queued in my Ravelry-account. I’ll add links when I have for information to share.

Am I really gonna take all that with me? I don’t know. But I’ve got the yarn, love the patterns I’ve found and I have lots of inspiration to knit it all. And hey…can a girl really have to much knitwear?


2 thoughts on “Winter Challenge 2014-2015

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