Finished: my Coco bag

IMG_0128This was a very time consuming project because I kept starting over! I wrote about this clutch in January and now I can finally say it’s completely finished.

The bag is knitted with Phildar Phil Irisé, a yarn that is discontinued. I bought it in a closing sale with this bag in mind. There is no other projects I can think of where I would want to use this yarn. There is a little left over, so I’ve been looking for inspiration, but haven’t found it so far. The yarn is made out of nylon. There isn’t a round thread, more a small strip with a net structure. For the first couple of minutes knitting it felt a bit strange. Not only because of the structure but also because of the ease in the yarn. That combined with the cabled pattern makes a very stretchy fabric.

For the lining I used Phildar Phil Coton 3. The color in my stash matched perfect with the Irisé so a win-win destash-wise. This is a lovely cotton because of the subtle shine. My stash contains lots of colors in this yarn, mainly because it’s my favorite cotton yarn and available in my area.

As said before, I used a plastic grid sheet to give the clutch a sturdy base. Just sewed the knitting onto the grid and than sewn the lining on the backside. Covered with the lining makes the grid invisible but it gives a lovely shape to my clutch. Happily to say, I can finally put a stamp on this project. Stamp finished 20 graden


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