Headbands made with Dorps Air

A while ago I wrote about knitting with Drops Air. (Use this link if you missed this or would like to read it again.) Since then the temperature has dropped a bit but it’s still way to warm to wear hats and even headbands. So no action pictures and still no verdict on the yarns ability to keep the ears warm.

Now over to the headbands. You’ll find the  pattern I’ve used on Old at heart. Why this pattern? I like the braided part, it’s super easy knitting and it would use up all the yarn. And so it did. One skein makes one headband.

  Instead of the usual cast on/cast off I chose for a provisorial cast on and grafted the ends together. Using the kitchener stitch gives a seam that’s almost invisible. In every project that involves grafting I’m not looking forward to that grafting part. The knitting gets done and than it gets a break until I’m able to put myself trough the grafting proces. Once it’s done I’m happy with the result. And even might think: “that wasn’t that terrible to do”. And yet the next time I again find it hard to put myself to grafting. I hear more people have that same issue but the result is so worth it so don’t let that stop you to at least give it a try.

Now I could add a tutorial on grafting but I won’t. At this point I don’t think I can do that better than the many tutorials that are available on the internet. What works for me might not work for you. To learn to use the kitchener stitch I’ve watched lot’s of clips on youtube. Just to get a feel for it. Then I found this short reminder that I still use every time just to keep me on track. Because there aren’t that many stitches to graft this is a perfect project to practice. Try to create a situation with as little distraction as possible and go for it!




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