Time for some numbers 2014

Last year I crunched the numbers to get focused on destashing. For most part of 2014 I didn’t buy yarn. To be honest, I received a delivery in January with 3.211,60 meters so I had lots of new lovely yarns to knit with. Every skein was bought with a specific project in mind. To be honest. Most projects have been started but not all are finished. So for most of the year coldsheeping wasn’t a problem. I had great yarn and loved the projects in my queue.

After knitting my dreambird shawl I found out that Rowan Baby Alpaca is a discontinued yarn. I just had to order enough so I can make another one in the future. That’s almost 1.000 meters that will be in my stash for a while . Besides that I only bought yarn for my winter challenge. Part of that yarn is knitted up, part is still in my stash. There might be another purchase last year but that’s knitted up so it doesn’t count in this year total.

Because I did buy a reasonable amount of yarn I didn’t get the numbers down that much. That’s okay. I’ve knitted a lot in 2014 so I got the chance to enjoy my stash. And that’s what a hobby should be all about. My stash fits in the place I’d like it to be. There are a little bit less WIP’s*. So overall I’m pleased with the result as shown below.

Grafisch destashen 2013-14

I will keep tracking progress in 2015 because I like seeing the facts:

To get a clear start for 2014 2015 I have:

  • number of WIP’s*: 14 8
  • number of projects in deep hibernation: 5,
  • number of stash entry’s in Ravelry: 59 62
  • Total meters in stash: 11.399,1 11.281,1

Let’s see If I can get those numbers down this year.

* WIP means work in progress.


2 thoughts on “Time for some numbers 2014

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