Winter challenge: swirl hat

IMG_0124Two years ago I wrote about my Christmas vacation cowl. It turned out way to warm in Paris so I didn’t get to wear it. Fortunately it will be cold in Norway so I wanted to knit a matching hat to wear it as a set and finally enjoy my knitwear.

This pattern from Andrea Goutier called Hurricane hat  can be found on her blog Love, Hestia. It’s free, easy and does knit up quite fast. And I like how it gives a solid colored hat just a bit more interest. Definitely a pattern to use again and again. Great for charity knitting.

On my Ravelry projectpage you’ll find the notes I kept while knitting. I really recommend the tubular cast-on to get a lovely edge. As a self-thought knitter it felt to intimidating for a long time to try this cast-on. Mainly because it seemed a lot of work and I didn’t have any comparison. Just give it a try and you’ll see it’s a bit more work with a much better result.

This Katia Hechizo yarn is very soft. It’s airy and surprisingly warm. The warmth of the cowl I made before was kind of a surprise. I expected it to be warm but not that warm. I’m no expert but merino (48%) and alpaca (20%) might be the winning combination. I can’t imagine that 100% acrylic yarn would be this soft and warm. At least not the acrylics I used to learn to knit. Thanks to the added sparkle the color gray is lively. Again a bit more interesting than a solid gray would have been. I love colors and this gray is easy to combine with all the colors of the rainbow.

CIMG1330_medium2So far I’ve made a hat and a cowl with this yarn. I used this yarn for my square clutch. When I first bought it I didn’t think it would be so versatile but looking through the projects on Ravelry gives a lot inspiration.


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