Winter challenge: dear heart beret


When wearing a hat I like it to stand out in the crowd. I think this beret is stylish and fun. And very warm. The pattern is free and available in many languages on

The yarn suggested in the pattern is Drops Nepal. I’ll write about this yarn in a different post. For now I just want to mention that I liked knitting with Nepal. The colors match each other beautiful. Nice contrast with a soft sweet touch. The pink color kept reminding me of candy. So be aware when on a diet. 🙂

IMG_0133I picked up my DyakCraft needles which are my favorites, and started to cast on using the tubular cast on. That’s the only change I made to the pattern. The pattern isn’t hard to follow if you know how to read charts. I think Drops patterns have a way to seem more difficult than they actually are. So read the whole pattern to get a feel for the direction.

This beret does knit up quite fast. That might have something to do with watching a pattern come to live. It’s easy to think “I’ll knit just one more row to see the pattern come clear”.

As always, specifics can be found on


3 thoughts on “Winter challenge: dear heart beret

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