Garnstudio Drops Nepal

Here’s what Drops says about Drops Nepal: “DROPS Nepal is a lovely, chunky and luxurious yarn spun in 35% alpaca and 65% wool. The fibers are untreated, which means that they are only washed and not exposed to any chemical treatment prior to the dyeing. This highlights the fibers’ natural properties, providing also a better shape and texture qualities. 
The mix accentuates the softness of alpaca and the wool contributes to the garments’ shape stability. The quality is spun from 3 strands which gives an exciting and rustic stitch definition. DROPS Nepal is an easily knitted/crocheted quality and is also ideal for felting. The felted garments have an even and soft surface.”  

There aren’t that many yarn stores in my area. Wanting to see and feel Drops yarn means a 45 min drive to the nearest store. So once in a while I make that trip but mostly I order online. Opening the box is always exciting. The colors  are delicious.


I really like this combination of colors with Dark grey 0506/Medium pink 3720/Off white 0100. The colors match each other beautiful: nice contrast with a soft sweet touch. The pink color kept reminding me of candy. In the Netherlands we have candy called “Engelse drop” that looks like this 

On topic, Nepal is yarn form Drops group C also called aran weight. It knits up quite fast, which is a great plus for me as I am not the fastest knitter in the world. With aran weight for me it’s easier to feel the stitches. So without color changing it is a great yarn for (partly) blind knitting while watching a movie.

The yarn is soft as promised. I have to say that Drops hasn’t disappointed me yet with their yarns. So far they delivered every promise they make describing their yarn. It’s difficult to judge the softness. I’ve knitted with Drops Andes before. That yarn is also soft but more slick and smooth. Drops Nepal is soft with more texture in comparison to Drops Nepal.

My project with Nepal isn’t felting material. But I do have some leftovers so I might use that to try felting this yarn. When I do, I’ll write about that then.

Overall I’ll definitely recommend trying Drops Nepal.


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