Airplane for Logan

A while ago I wrote about a bear I made for Kirsten. Three years ago her little brother was born. I couldn’t let that go by without knitting something. I decided to knit an airplane designed by Jean Greenhowe. On the tail of the airplane I knitted the initials of the newborn to give it a personal touch.

 The picture I made isnt that great. I ended up starting late with knitting this plane. I thought I had about three weeks left to knit and sew this project together. But Logan decided he wanted to meet the world and I wanted to meet him. So as soon as the last thread was cut I hurried taking pictures before wrapping.

This toy is made with  Phildar yarn. Phildar partner 6 to be precise. I like this yarn for toys because its worsted weight so the toys can be knit on smaller needles (4,5mm instead of 5-6mm)  and still have a decent size. The yarn can be washed which is necessary when knitting for children. The blend of wool, nylon, acrylic feels nice when knitting. (Some acrylics make an awful sound on the needles when knitting on smaller needles.) This yarn has a soft touch and it creates a sturdy fabric. So nice to work with and a good end result.

I really like knitting toys and I’ll dread to the sewing part. Despite that I love it when the project is finished. This year I want to knit at least one toy.

Writing this post made me think why I haven’t bought Phildar yarn for a long time. For two years we had a Phildar store in my town. That was a great way to get to know this brand. First the store disappeared and I had to search for other stores that carry Phildar yarn. I did an online search for the yarn I wanted and then I found the way to get it. Nowadays the Phildar website is only in French. I can read a bit of French but they keep changing the site and their content every time I visit that site which for me is very customer unfriendly. So I find myself buying less and less of this brand in favor of other brands.


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