Winter challenge: Mary Margaret inspired cowls

Watching ‘Once upon a time’ is watching beautiful knitwear in action. In one of the episodes in season one Mary Margaret wears a beautiful cowl. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who loved it ’cause soon I came across other Ravelers in search of the pattern. One lovely person wrote a pattern inspired by the cowl. You can download the pattern in this Ravelry-store. I really like this pattern and here is why: both sides are the same! Thanks to the reversible cable pattern there is no wrong side. Which is particularly nice because a cowl is wrapped quickly while searching keys and running out the door. Or am I the only one who’s always struggling to be on time? Anyway if you like cowls and like cables this is the pattern to check out. Knitted with aran weight yarn on 5/5.5mm needles it does knit pretty fast.

 My first cowl with this pattern is knitted in Drops Big Delight, color 01 Rosegarden. (Order this yarn before 28-02-2015 and get 25% discount during the Drops Felting Fever sale.) I haven’t used this yarn for felting yet so I can’t tell you about that. For hats and cowls this is a great 100% wool yarn.  I think it’s soft and not scratchy or irritating. The pink color is soft and sweet with just enough contrast to give it a little bit extra. I have a pale skin so plain pastels don’t suite me well.

For the second cowl I used Drops Big Merino, color 07 jeans blue, knitted with a Drops glitter silver thread to add sparkles. Writing this post I see the picture isn’t sharp. Note to myself: make better pictures when we have a sunny winter day. I’ll keep the picture for now to show the beautiful blue color.  What did I want to say more? Big Merino yarn feels soft and more polished than the Big Delight. Maybe slicker is a better word. Anyway it slides really easy on my Dyakcraft needles. Where the 100% wool Big Delight really looks and feels like a warm winter cowl, the Big Merino looks a bit more modern. I like seeing the difference between the two cowls due to color and yarn choice. Depending on the day and my mood I favorite the one above the other.


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