Sandnes Garn Soft Alpakka

It’s becoming some sort of tradition to bring back souvenir yarn from a vacation abroad. To end my break from blogging due to my vacation in Norway I’d like to write about my latest souvenir yarn.

We were in Bergen on one of these rainy days ( they enjoy more than 260 rainy days in a year!). In Bryggen we visited the Hanseatic museum and next door there was a shop with a yarn store in the basement. A great location in this weather.  I didn’t find a website but the shop is know on Ravelry and Facebook. The staff is friendly and the selection is bigger than I expected it to be.

Initially I was looking for some white, neutral or blue colors to reflect the snow, sea and sky of Norway in the winter. But once I saw this beautiful green yarn I was sold. And tempted to buy more yarn but I want need to keep my stash under control. Forced to choose the green won. The Sandness site calls the yarn petrol but the lot I bought (790) is definitely green and not petrol. Strangest things happen when I try to take a truthful picture. I can’t seem to get the color right. It always looks more petrol and darker than in real life. The right picture is digitally enhanced to get a better color.

2015-03-29 12.29.032015-03-29 12.29.03b

What’s so great about this yarn besides the color? It’s made with 80% baby alpaca (and 20% acrylic) so it’s really soft and feels lovely against the skin. I’ve seen some yarns that looked like this Sandness soft alpakka but they were kind of rough to the skin so I didn’t buy them. Another plus is that this yarn isn’t thin. Recommended needle is 6mm for this bulky yarn. I think the yarn is brushed but please correct me if I’m wrong. It does not only look warm but I bet it will be warm. And I expect that the knitted fabric will have a nice drape. That’s why I’m planning to make this little ruffle shawl. First I’ve to finish some wip’s but I hope I can wear this shawl next winter.



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