White bear

I’ve written before about a bear I knitted for Kirsten. With the same pattern I made another bear. Because I used much thicker yarn that second bear came out much bigger. Kirsten’s bear came out to be about 20 cm long. This white bear measures 40 cm from head to toe. He has a nice place on my bookshelf.

The yarn I used is Boston by Schachenmayr nomotta. This super bulky yarn is now discontinued. I added color with Royal yarn from Zeeman. The bow was used on a present I got. The color of the ribbon matched the yarn so this was easy reusing.

Because this bear didn’t need to be safe enough for small children I could use ready made eyes and nose. These are the ones I used: Rayher animalnose 20 mm, art. nr. 89 050 01 and Rayher glas animal eyes 14 mm, art.nr. 89 044 08.

For long the pattern wasn’t available but now there is a link to an archived page that contains the pattern:  http://web.archive.org/web/20070504045529/http://magknits.com/May06/patterns/ted.htm


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