DIY mothersday gift

It’s almost mothersday and every mom deserves at least a little bit of attention that day. Why not make this cute present and give your mom some lasting flowers?


In all honesty this isn’t my design. My friend asked me to come over for an afternoon filled with chatting and crafting. Since I like both we had a lovely afternoon. And a lovely mothersday gift. I think it would also make a great hostess gift. Possibility’s are endless. Just pick your elements in the color scheme you like best.

What do you need to make it yourself?

– one teacup and saucer

– one spoon or fork

– to decorate: flowers and leaves, butterfly

– ribbon to cover the spoon/fork (optional)

– hot glue gun

– tools to bend the spoon/fork

Start bending the spoon in a Z-shape. Unfortunately I didn’t make pictures before assembly. To busy chatting to even think of it. The bending part is a bit trial and error. It’s important to get the stability right. Each angle is somewhere between 45 and 90 degrees.

If you want to cover the spoon this is the time to do it. Glue the spoon to the saucer and let it dry. Once the glue is dry it’s time to glue the cup to the spoon. Hopefully the close up pictures make clear how it’s constructed. Feel  free to ask any questions you might have.

IMG_0238 IMG_0240

When the glue is completely dry the cup should be able to ‘float’ above the saucer. If it does tip, you might be able to fix that by adjusting the angles in the bend spoon. Be careful not to break the cup or saucer!

Now the base can stand on it’s own it’s time to decorate. Take time to play around with different flowers and leaves. Once the arrangement is to your liking, glue it in place. Enjoy!


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