My Norwegian ruffle scarf

For the first time my stash came out below 11 km. YEAH! Knowing that sent me in a “knitting more and more and more” spiral. I  just want to get below that 10 km mark. Instead of finishing my WIP’s I started the scarf with my souvenir yarn from Norway, Sandnes garn soft alpakka. That way I could make more meters out of stash.

2015-05-23 15.56.20The pattern is from Jennifer Lang and called ‘A little ruffle’. Best of all: it’s a free pattern! You can easily download this pattern thanks to Ravelry. Most of all is just basic stockinette and garter so excellent tv knitting.

I decided to use Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off, also called JSSBO. I’ve learned it after buying this e-book by Liat Gat  but there are a lot of video’s online. Just try it. It has become my favorite bind off. Not only for the stretch which one sometimes need, but also for the finished look.

When I bought this lovely green alpaca yarn I thought 4 skeins, 400 meters, would be more than enough. So last week I started knitting and after 23″ (the pattern measures in inches) my first skein was gone. Hmm, not a good sign but we’ll see. When the scarf reached 37″ two skeins where used up. So I knew I was definitely running out of yarn. By then I loved the knitted fabric in this yarn and I couldn’t think of another pattern I’d like in this yarn so I kept knitting.

After knitting the body of the scarf and picking up the stitches for the ruffle I continued with Drops Air. I’ve used Drops air before to make some headbands. Based on that experience and some left over scraps I ordered a skein in navy blue. This navy blue looks great next to the lovely, almost impossible to picture right, green. To make it look like I planned to ruffle in a different color I did the bind off with the green yarn. Only problem was that there wasn’t enough green yarn. Sigh. So I ripped out the blue. Ripped out one row of green. Knitted the blue part again and did the JSSBO bind off with green. Project completed. The edge without the ruffle does curl. Might have to block it but for now it’s okay. One lovely soft and rich scarf just waiting for fall. But first I’m gonna enjoy sunny summer weather.



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