WIP-wednesday: Frozen inspired summershawl

Last sunday I started a new project. Did I need one? Not really with enough WIP’s lingering around. Did I choose  something small and fast? Off course not! I’ve started my first laceweight shawl. 😀 In my defense, with all that’s going on in my life (work, our family renovation project and my mom’s health) it’s nice to start something new and fresh.

Things went wrong when I went to the local yarnstore. I wanted to buy new buttons because the ones I have weren’t a good match with the yarn I wanted to use to make some bracelets. So far so good. Buying two buttons to use up a bit of stash is a good idea. (Remind me to write about the knitted bracelets later!). While wondering between all their yarn my eye fell on some lace yarn called Katia Jaipur. I’ve petted this yarn more than once but now there was this beautiful blue color that made me think of the movie Frozen. So I let myself go and bought two skeins in the color 200.
This color is really delicious don’t you think?  

The pattern I’m using is called Bosc pear by Tetiana Otruta, which is a free Ravelry download. Yeah! She also has a blog. Why this pattern? Because I liked the stripes in the pattern. It’s lace but I think it’ll look very modern.

When I say “I’ve started” it’s just that. Finished the set up rows and the first 55 rows of the shawl body.

2015-07-15 11.02.34More info is available on my Ravelry-project page.


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