Finished-friday: entrelac bag in Drops Nepal

I want to catch up with writing about all the things I finished lately. One of those is an entrelac bag which I happen to love very much. Not that my opinion is objective but take a look for your self 🙂

First some basic information. I’ve used mostly Drops Nepal by Garnstudio (colors 0100, 3720, 0506) and a bit of leftover Drops Big Merino (color 03) for the bottom of the bag. I’ve used Drops Nepal before to make a Dear heart neck warmer and a matching Dear heart beret. The bag was supposed to use up the leftovers from that project. Once started I knew I didn’t have enough leftovers so I ordered new skeins. But when my bag was finished all the Nepal was gone so I call this a successful stash down project. That might sound like I hate Nepal but when you follow my blog you probably remember this review of Nepal. Reading back I do remember wanting to test felting with this yarn. That will have to wait until another time.This won’t be the last time knitting with Nepal yarn.

The pattern is know as Basket purse by Mel Clark, published in Knitting everyday finery available on Does it look familiar? I’ve used this pattern also to knit this purse in sockyarn. Funny to see what a different a yarnweight makes. Aran vs fingering. The one in sockyarn doesn’t have sides and has 2 more rows of blocks.

The result is a great bag for school or office. Big enough to fit a memo pad, small laptop, tablet, e-reader, lunch and all the other stuff one might need during the day. I’ve knitted the lining to make the most with the yarn available and I didn’t want this project to lay next to my almost never used sewing machine waiting forever to get lined. Because I wanted this bag to stand on it’s own I put some plastic grid sheet between the outside and the lining. Two sheets bent into a u-shaped sewn together in the front and bag to create rounded sides. I didn’t want it to look to boxy.

A piece of grid sheet attached to the body to make a sturdy bottom. To protect the bag I placed bagfeet under the bag. The divider is also knitted around grid sheet.

When you are like me and always searching for your keys in overstuffed bags, add a keyring with i-cord. My keys have a musketon hook so attached to the keyring I can toss them in the bag and easily find them when I get home. Almost every bag I make has such a ring.

For the same reason I wanted a place to put a pen or two. Otherwise they always end up beneath all the other stuff. What can I tell more?

The handles are kind of different. Slightly hart-shaped clear plastic with some white swirl within. I got them in a sale ages ago. Unfortunately I don’t know the brand. Stamp finished 20 graden

More photos and detailed information (for example how much yarn I’ve used) is available on this Ravelry-page.


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