WIP-wednesday: light blue Zpagetti bag

I’m trying to work every wednesday on one of my WIP’s. Today I’ve chosen my Zpaghetti bag. It’s completely different from the lace shawl I’m working on as this is thick fabric yarn.

Zpagetti is the original t-shirt yarn and is recycled from high quality fashion fabrics they get from European textile manufacturers. Hoooked Zpagetti collections are constantly renewed so each creation from fabric yarn will be unique and on trend. This bulky yarn creates a very fast and sturdy result and is very suitable to make a trendy knitted pouf, a knit pillow, knitted lamp shades or a large crochet rug or in this case a bag.

The pattern I’m using is #260 Kathleen felted circular tote by Martha Ritter. I got this pattern from http://www.schaeferyarn.com. Sadly the owner and creative inspiration behind Schaefer Yarn, Cheryl Schaefer, has retired and Schaefer Yarn is no longer in business. The patterns are no longer available unless the designer has made them available individually. And a quick google search didn’t get me a way for you to get the pattern now. When someone finds one, please leave a comment.

2015-07-22 14.36.55Back to my WIP. So far it’s been pretty time consuming. I’ve  started this project way back in september 2011. I wanted a firm fabric so I choose nld. 7, which can really hurt your hands if you’re knitting to long. So far the sides are knitted. Instead of nine parts I made ten parts per side. Knitting the attached I-cord is really difficult. Not in technique but because it kind of hurts badly. That’s why this project has been hibernating for years. Today I’m trying to get at least halfway through the attached I-cord part.


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