Finished-friday: light blue Zpagetti bag

Yeah I can finally say this hibernation is over. The bag is finished!

2015-07-28 19.57.51 Well….finished…I don’t know. Looks like it needs a bit of blocking to get better in shape. The top part on the left and right didn’t look the same so I made a single crochet edge. Still not exactly the same but better. Maybe even better after blocking. This edge was my first attempt at crochet. I used this videoturorial by Liat Gat know from Her video’s are easy to follow. Because she also knits she knows where a knitter, non-crocheter might make mistakes before we make them! Maybe I can practice crochet with the leftover yarn.

Back to the bag. I want to make it more interesting but I don’t know what to add. Maybe one big flower? What do you think it needs?


2 thoughts on “Finished-friday: light blue Zpagetti bag

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