Airplane for Chris

It kind of seems like I fell of this earth if you look at this blog. Life did become pretty hectic this summer. Between working and renovating a house I managed to squeeze in some knitting time. Just enough to keep me sane. 🙂 On top of that I started a new education. All in all I didn’t make time to write about the bits I made.

Today I’m getting back into the writing by telling you about the airplane I made for my little nephew Chris. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration to make a holiday gift for a child you love.

I’ve used this design by Jean Greenhowe before to make this airplane for Logan. Earlier this year I said I wanted to knit at least on toy this year. I’m happy it was this one. The pattern is easy to follow and I like the result every time.

For this plane I also used Phildar partner 6 yarn. This yarn can be knit on smaller needles (4.5 instead of 6mm) and than still makes a decent sized toy. I’ve had this yarn in my stash for a few years. Happy it took a flight out of my stash.

More information can be found on my Ravelry-page.




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