My first attempt at crochet

For a while I’ve been looking at all those lovely amigurumi. I’d love to make something cute like that but I can’t crochet. Just another thing I want to learn. My first crochet project in queue is some lovely flowers to brighten up my light blue Zpagetti bag. The pattern doesn’t seem that hard but what do I know about it? So I decided to teach myself crochet making a basket out of the leftover Zpagetti yarn. Nice and thick textile yarn so it can be used up quickly. Couldn’t think of anything better to make with it.


Mine did not end up to have sharp corners but for a first  crochet project I think it’s not that bad. The pattern for this basket is available as a free Ravelry-download thanks to Ilse Naaijkens.

I’ve spent an afternoon watching YouTube tutorials and than just started. I think I made a couple of mistakes and didn’t follow the pattern exactly. As beginner it’s not easy to read crochet where I can read my knitting. I’ll try to crochet the flowers first with some scrap yarn. If that goes well I can try again and do better with nice yarn. For now I’m going to knit some WIP’s.


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