Time for some numbers 2015

Every year I start by crunching the numbers on my stash. I’ve come a long way since I started counting in 2013. As a resolution I wanted to coldsheep as much as possible. That means, not buy yarn but knit with stash. I find that although there is still enough stash yarn planned with a project, I need to buy some new yarn to boost creativity. So in fact I’m more modeerate merino with a balance between what comes in and what comes out. But knowing me, when I consider myself moderate I tend to shift into a buying frenzy. So in 2016 there will be new purchases but only If I can’t find what I want and need in my stash. A good friend of mine told me she’s pregnant with her first child. She’s absolutely knit-worthy so I know I’ll buy yarn to knit her something beautiful.

Looking back I’ve knitted in 2015 more than I thought. In my mind I didn’t knit much but maybe that just because I’ve been busy with so many other thing. I’m very pleased with the result as shown below.

I will keep tracking progress in 2016 because I like seeing the facts:

To get a clear start for 2014 2015 2016 I have:

  • number of WIP’s*: 14, 8, 7
  • number of projects in deep hibernation: ?, 5, 3
  • number of finished projects: 68, 93, 113,
  • number of stash entry’s in Ravelry: 59, 62, 52
  • Total meters in stash: 11.399,1  11.281,1  8.461,8
  • Total meters in projects: ?, 21.652, 27.122

Let’s see what 2016 will bring to us. Hopefully it will be a great crafting year!

* WIP means work in progress.


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