Blue monday 2016

hsfile_296416Today is supposed to be blue Monday. The most depressing day of the year. The scientific arguments are very thin, it might be just an invention for the media to write about. But hey, January can be a though month. The holidays are over, money can be tight due to spending (too) much in December. Winter is still here (be it not a very cold one. In Holland we sent to many ‘heat’ records.) The days can be dark and grey. And then there are those new year resolutions. Many of us start the year with the best intentions but by now most of them have been forgotten. On top of that is Monday for most of us the start of the workweek. Writing this all down almost makes me feel blue.

So what can we do to make this day a happy monday? Well, next week I jump on a plane to Finland, a cold snowy world, with husky’s, sleighs and snow scooters. Hopefully we get to see the amazing northern lights again. Just thinking of that makes me feel happy.  I wish you’ll have a great Monday without feeling blue!41a3f36be71d4f48d1771eb3f9d12e23


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