It’s a beautiful day

In my last post I wrote about blue Monday. Today is Friday and I’m far from feeling blue! I had the best vacation in Finland! To give you all an impression…

I’ve seen lot’s of snow. Temperature was between -5 and -25 degrees Celsius. In Fahrenheit that would be between 23 and -13. Because of all the things we did, we weren’t cold at all. We went on a two-day husky sleigh ride, did a 75 km ride on snow scooters, met several reindeer, went cross country skiing and hiking through deep snow.  I loved it all. The last day was spent in front of the fireplace, reading a good book. Just relaxing before we had to fly home and start work again.

My report, that needs to be finished by the end of this month, is progressing nicely so I took a day off. Today I’m reliving this trip sorting pictures for an album. I’m sitting behind my laptop enjoying our lovely weather. Not that warm but the sun shines so it looks great. (After Finland, I don’t think I’ll be cold this winter 🙂 .) A nice day for a walk to get some groceries. I’m also enjoy my knitting. This week I bought Laceball 100 from Schoppel wolle and I just started a scarf with that yarn. I’ll write more about the yarn and about the scarf when I’ve done more knitting. And the best of all… I got tickets to see Bruce Springsteen in June 2016! This is for me a great way to start this weekend! How are you gonna start your weekend?


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