WIP-Wednesday: aurora inspired scarf

Lately I didn’t knit much. Among other things I’ve been organizing my books. Since I discovered the e-reader a few years ago my paper books don’t get much love. My favorites have been bought digitally so I did a first clean out of our bookcases. Two bananaboxes filled with books have found there way through bookcrossing. Hopefully someone else will read these books and maybe keep re-gifting them to others. With more space around me and in my head I’ve started a new scarf.

I’ve bought Biased transitions from Jenny F here on Ravelry. This pattern has been queued since 2014. I came across Skyhooked’s jeweled wrap and immediately loved this colorway. img_20140812_115105_small_best_fitShe uses Schoppel Wolle Zauberball, but I only found this colorway in Schoppel Wolle Laceball 100. So my yarn is a bit thinner. I’m knitting on slightly smaller needles. I guess there will me a bit more color changing in my scarf than in Skyhooked scarf in this picture.

It’s my first bias knitting project. So far I’ve finished the lower edge part. 2016-02-29 17.19.07It’s proofing to be a good tv knit project. Lighting is far from great. In real life the colors are so beautiful that I just want to keep knitting. Just looking at colors makes me feel happy. Am I the only one who smiles while petting yarn?


2 thoughts on “WIP-Wednesday: aurora inspired scarf

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