Happy Tuesday: because of music

Lately if been trying to record all those little things in live that make me happy. Radiostation 3FM plays this song every Tuesday. I always find myself smiling when I hear it. Music does have this effect on me. Music was also an important part of this week. We had a fun party with colleagues. It’s nice to see everybody dancing and having a good time.


Thuesday we went to Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band (in The Hague, Netherlands). I went with my father, brother and two of our closest friends. Amazing! Great weather (last concert of Bruce in Nijmegen the last half hour was enjoyed in pouring rain), great show. It just never gets old. I find myself having a week long after party by listening the songs over and over again. Just can’t get enough of it.

Maybe you’re thinking small things that make you happy?!  I admit, visiting a big concert with 67.000 people isn’t a small thing.

Wednesday was dark and rainy and after work I enjoyed a quiet night knitting at home.I’ll write about that a little later.

Thursday I had a good talk with a friend who is going to be divorced. A difficult time for the both of them. Just being able to listen and give some support to help them through this makes me feel useful. Helping other people make me happy.

Friday I went dancing even though I would have liked to stay in and watch a movie. Didn’t regret going out. I had tons of fun. Sometimes I have to kick myself to prevent me from being lazy. That’s also why I’m trying to do new things I haven’t done before. Just to keep things interesting. Writing this I’m realizing I haven’t wrote about that before. So my writers block might be broken 🙂

Sunday/fathers day was spent with my folks. Watching F1 with my dad is always nice. A new street circuit and and unpredictable race. I’m happy to share that with my father.

Monday was a good day at work. Good conversations, great topics. It makes me motivated to give just a little bit more each day. And now it’s a new day, clouded and rainy weather. Can’t wait to see what this week will bring me. Happy Tuesday to you all!


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