Finished Friday: Big bold granny bag

My last knitting post was about the progress in my aurora inspired scarf. That one isn’t finished. After a while it gets a bit boring. Great TV knitting but sometimes I like to focus on something else. So between knitting lace I’ve been knitting with super bulky Schachenmayr Bravo Big.


Don’t you just love this color (171 smaragd)?

This project wasn’t planned. I wanted to finish projects that were long overdue. But therefor I needed some fabric and while shopping for fabric I came across this yarn. I resisted and went home with one the fabric needed. Yeah for me. But I couldn’t get it out of my mind. And then I thought, wouldn’t it be great to use this yarn to knit a bag for those pink handles I’ve had lingering in my stash for years. Once that thought set in my mind all resistance in me vanished. So I went back and bought a couple of skeins.

The pattern I used is from nest-design Laboratory. She blogs in Japanese ( I guess, can’t read that) but luckily for us her pattern Aran Granny Bag can be purchased on Ravelry. Though I like to knit in the round this is a knitted flat pattern. I made some alterations to attach the handles. In short I had to start with half the stitches due to changing the yarn from worsted to super bulky. I Improvised a bit while knitting the sides. But most of all it’s knitted according to the pattern. The only thing about the pattern that kind of bugged me was the information on different pages. There where multiple charts, (where I like written instructions), symbols where explained on a different page, written instructions about when to use each chart had there own pages and there was a special page for all the cables. Most of the time I had three pages in front of me. That slowed my knitting down. But all the information needed was there and I like the outcome


In this picture size is a mystery. The bottom measures 75 cm and the sides are 40 cm high. More information, as always on my Ravelry-page.

The bag is finished but I want to make a lining so I’m off to score some fabric. And no, this time I’ll not take any yarn home. (Fingers crossed)

Love VanaChoo


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