Happy Tuesday: camping in a tent

Part of this Happy Tuesday series is about me wanting to try new things on a regular basis. I believe that stepping out of the comfort zone is important to keep from  sleepwalking trough life. This doesn’t mean that every new thing I try is a success. The things that are successful add bliss to life.

So this week I went to a festival. I really love the fun and relaxed festival mood. The weather was great. Sunny, a bit to hot but thankfully there was a little breeze so the warmth wasn’t that bad.

lufo-5-650x265Going to a festival wasn’t the new part. It was the camping part that was new to me. Camping always looked fun to me but the thought of having no running water nearby, going all the way across the camping site to the toilet sounded dreadful. So I’ve never been camping. Until now. And guess what…it’s wasn’t bad at all. Not that I’m planning to go camping for a longer time, a couple of days and nights is just enough.

Packing my bag was a bit stressful. I didn’t want to take to much with me and also didn’t want to forget important stuff. And camping means bringing your own airbed, pump, sleeping bag and a tent, so there was a lot to start with. But I managed to pack. I could carry everything in one trip from the car to the field. Putting up the tent wasn’t the big ordeal I imagined it to be. We were ready to enjoy the music.

At the end of the night it was nice to dive in our own tent, no long trip home. Fumbling around in the dark with little light I felt clumsy. Sleeping wasn’t bad. Waking up at sunrise was a bit early. No reasons to rush home. All things considered I had a great weekend. Probably not the last time camping at a festival.

Love VanaChoo


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